Managing a budget for a large family is not easy, we must manage to meet all needs without abandoning a child and without unbalancing the budget.

Budget management with large family


A large family involves a more rigorous management of expenses. Who says more people in homes necessarily says heavier expenses, so it is essential to be very careful so as not to cause imbalance. According to the French state, a family with at least 3 children under 18 is considered to be numerous. It can also request the large family card, the latter entitles to reductions in rail transport (SNCF). According to public opinion, these are families with more children than the national average. The definition is not fixed, it depends on the socio-political context.

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Grouping of credit for a large family

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A family with multiple children can freely apply for a credit surrender, the number of children is not a refusal criterion. It is the criterion of the remainder to live that is taken into account in order to establish the feasibility of a financing project. A study by an expert analyst will make it possible to make a complete point on the credit consolidation project and to preview the amount of the future monthly payment. Overall, this criterion corresponds to income minus current expenses. If the rate of this remainder to live is insufficient, the banking partner can rule negatively on the demand.