Calculate Installments with Fagin Credit Simulation before Finding a Money Loan

What should be considered when looking for a money loan? Here are some things to consider:

# 1 Debt Purpose and Amount

# 1 Debt Purpose and Amount

First, make sure the purpose of the debt, whether the debt is to buy assets or to buy consumer goods. We recommend never using debt to buy consumptive items, because it can damage your financial condition. Many people go bankrupt because they are immersed in consumptive debt problems.

# 2 Interest, Fee and Fees

The second point is that some information about loans is:

  • The amount of interest: what percentage per year
  • Flower type: flat ( floating ) or floating (floating)
  • Calculation method: fixed, effective or annuity.
  • Related costs: such as provision fees, administrative fees, accelerated repayment fees, fees related to credit.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

Always remember: Always make a credit comparison before applying for a loan. You can visit financial aggregator websites , such as Financial Aggregator is a website that provides information about existing financial products. On the website you can make comparisons of various types of financial institutions (including banks). So, you no longer need to bother having to come to the bank to find out the comparison of interest.

# 3 Amount of Installments and Family Financial Capabilities

The third point is to do a credit simulation by calculating a debt simulation, such as:

The calculator above is one of the many features found in the Application . Please register the Fagin Application to calculate old age funds, funds to buy a house, vehicle and so on.

# 4 Source of Money Loans (Creditors)

money loans

Check and recheck creditors’ credibility. Lately there have been a lot of people offering loans through the internet. You must be more careful and selective in determining the lending company. Don’t get you in a consumptive debt from a loan shark.

# 5 Percentage of Debt Repayments and Capabilities

# 5 Percentage of Debt Repayments and Capabilities

Finally, you also need to be aware of financial health conditions. Re-check some indicators related to debt, such as:

  • Debt to asset ratio
  • Debt repayment ratio to income
  • Debt repayment ability ratio

Many people don’t think carefully about the impact of money loans. You can check your financial health condition.

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